Shared Responsibilities & collaborative R&I Approaches

The MACRAMÉ Project presented its research and innovation (R&I) approach at the EuroNanoForm2023 held on the 11. to 13. June 2023 in Lund, Sweden.

Under the title ‘Shared Responsibilities & collaborative R&I Approaches – Ensuring safe & sustainable Products & Processes throughout complex Value-Chains, the Dr Steffi Friedrichs (AcumenIST SRL), who coordinates the MACRAMÉ Project, illustrated how the Project addressed the four core aspects of the presentation title through its ambitious R&I approach:

  • Collaborative R&I,
  • Shared Responsibility,
  • Safe and Sustainabile by Design of Products & Processes, and
  • Complex Value-Chains.
Presentation about the R&I approach of the MACRAMÉ Project, delivered by Dr Steffi Friedrichs (AcumenIST SRL) at the EuroNanoForum2023 session on ‘Advanced Materials & Manufacturing’ (13. June 2023, Lund, Sweden).

The full presentation can be viewed at this link: (i.e. log in or create an account with the EuroNanoForum2023), go to the recording of the session ‘Advanced Materials & Manufacturing’ (13:45); the MACRAMÉ presentation starts at 1:33:46.

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