Nanomaterials and Graphene join Forces to advance the Standardisation & Harmonisation of Advanced Materials

Dr Steffi Friedrichs of AcumenIST SRL participated in the ‘Standardisation Workshop & Panel Discussion’ at Graphene Week 2023, held from the 4th – 8th September 2023 in Gothenburg. She contributed an introduction to the HorizonEurope-funded MACRAMÉ Project (Advanced Characterisation Methodologies to assess and predict the Health and Environmental Risks of

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MACRAMÉ Partner Spotlight: LNE

LNE is the French National Metrology Institute responsible for developing French measurement references (incl. the standard meter, standard kilogram, to name bu a few). These references provide industrial players with the primary calibration resources they need to obtain comparable, reliable data to support decision-making. As such, it is funded by

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MACRAMÉ Partner Spotlight: Seven Past Nine

A young start-up based in German and Slovenia, Seven Past Nine (7P9) specialises in the provision of data stewardship and solutions for the life sciences. Slow or missing exchange of information and knowledge (and providing all underlying data to back it up) is still seen as one of the major

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Workshop Announcement: 1st MACRAMÉ Regulatory Risk Assessor Summit

Challenges in addressing Sustainability in the Life Cycle Assessment of Products including Advanced Materials *** BAuA, Berlin *** 27. – 28. November 2023 Sustainability of products is an important aspect of the new Green Deal concept of the European Commission and defined and guided by the Safety and Sustainability by Design

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MACRAMÉ Partner Spotlight: Carbon Waters

Based on a breakthrough technology, Carbon Waters designs and produces ready-to-use performance additives based on graphene, a material with exceptional properties. Founded in 2017, the company works hand in hand with its customers, to demonstrate the impact of its solutions on the environmental and energy transition, notably in the replacement

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MACRAMÉ Partner Spotlight: University of Birmingham

The core mission of the University of Birmingham (UoB) is to deliver world-class research and outstanding global education that improves the world around us. The School of Geography, Earth and Environmental sciences at the University of Birmingham is recognised as one of the top environmental science departments in the UK,

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Shared Responsibilities & collaborative R&I Approaches

The MACRAMÉ Project presented its research and innovation (R&I) approach at the EuroNanoForm2023 held on the 11. to 13. June 2023 in Lund, Sweden. Under the title ‘Shared Responsibilities & collaborative R&I Approaches – Ensuring safe & sustainable Products & Processes throughout complex Value-Chains‘, the Dr Steffi Friedrichs (AcumenIST SRL),

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MACRAMÉ Data Shepherding – an Approach to the centralised Management of Research Information & Knowledge

As a part of its open science philosophy, MACRAMÉ is implementing high quality knowledge and data management using state-of-the-art data sharing concepts, approaches and tools and constantly improving research output/data documentation towards full implementation of the FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable and re-usable) and FAIR for Research Software (FAIR4RS) principles. This

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Training on FAIR Data & Model Provision

The MACRAMÉ Project will provide a detaield hands-on training on ‘Fair Data & Model Provision’ as part of this year’s nanoSAFE and NanoSafety Cluster Joint Conference, to be held 5. – 8. June 2023 in Grenoble. Dr Thomas Exner of MACRAMÉ-Project Partner 7P9 ( and Professor Martin Himly, Paris Lodron Universität Salzburg, will

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Workshop Announcement: Harmonisation & Standardisation of Test Methods for Nanomaterials and Advanced Materials

Continuing the NanoHarmony NANOMET journey: Harmonisation & Standardisation of Test Methodsfor Nanomaterials and Advanced MaterialsTwo Days focused on the Standardisation Roadmaps for in vitro Models and Graphene *** ONLINE *** 22. – 23. November 2023, 10:00 – 15:00 CET Internationally harmonised and standardised test methods are a prerequisite for safety and sustainability

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