Maximum Project Impact – MACRAMÉ looks back at 18 Months of successful Stakeholder Involvement & Knowledge Transfer

In its Report on Stakeholder Involvement & Knowledge Transfer in the first 18 Months, the MACRAMÉ Project provides an overview of the stakeholder engagement and knowledge transfer on harmonisation and standardisation (H&S) activities for advanced materials undertaken in the first 18 months.

The Project organised and conducted a number of key events, in order to both inform its various stakeholders groups about the MACRAMÉ R&I approach, and to engage with and obtain valuable input from the groups about their specific needs. The relevant MACRAMÉ events include an online workshop on Harmonisation & Standardisation, held on the 22. – 23. November 2023, the Project’s 1st Regulatory Risk Assessors Summit, held in Berlin on the 27. – 28. November 2023, and two webinars ((a) Standardisation & Validation made simple and (b) AOPs: A Tool to include NAMs into regulatory Testing?, held on the 9. and 11. April 2024, respectively. The detailed feedback obtained during these events shaped the Project’s R&I strategy by identifying and defining distinct roadmaps for each one of the following five technical ‘destinations’:

  • characterisation and sample preparation of carbon-based materials,
  • aerosol generation for inhalation studies,
  • in vitro / ex vivo models for inhalation toxicology,
  • ecotoxicity studies, and
  • sustainability assessment.

I detailed description of the destinations and their corresponding roadmaps can be found in the MACRAMÉ Harmonisation & Standardisation Roadmap Summary Report for MACRAMÉ Methods and Models.

What’s next?

The MACRAMÉ Project will continue its activities on stakeholder engagement and knowledge transfer in the remaining duration of the Project. Towards this end MACRAMÉ already organised and delivered two training sessions during the MaterialsWeek 2024 on 19th June 2024 on ‘How to expand the use of your test method? – Validation is key towards standardisation‘ and ‘Standardisation needs for regulatory testing of graphene and related 2D materials‘. Both training sessions were a full success for both the MACRAMÉ Project trainers and the trainees; in the spirit of the MaterialsWeek 2024, the sessions brought together representatives from new communities:

There were many people we did not know in the audience, and they had many clever questions for us.

[MACRAMÉ Project partner, providing a training on How to expand the use of your test method? – Validation is key towards Standardisation (MaterialsWeek 2024, Wednesday, 19. June’)]

Follow this link to read the full Report on Stakeholder Involvement & Knowledge Transfer in the first 18 Months.

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