Is graphene toxic to human health? – MACRAMÉ Partner addresses large Questions about a small Material

While everyone agrees on its incredible properties and the possibilities it brings to industry in particular, more and more studies are also aiming to assess graphene’s toxicity on human health.

The various studies carried out on the subject all agree that the type of graphene, its quality, the degree of concentration and the level of exposure have different impacts.

However, they show that graphene presents only a low risk under normal conditions of handling and exposure. This risk is lower if graphene is integrated within another material or object, unlike graphene in powder form, which, due to its high volatility, increases the likelihood of inhalation.

Carbon Waters, a company specialising in the production of FLG (Few-Layer Graphene)performance additives and partner of the MACRAMÉ Project, offers pre-dispersed solutions, with no risk of inhalation during handling. At the occasion of this year’s Graphene Week, held in Gothenburg (Sweden), 4. – 8. September 2023, Carbon Waters has published an insightful summary of the results of several studies into the safety of graphene, conducted by range of different high-level expert groups around the world.

The summary highlights the following results:

  • There is not one but many graphenes​;
  • Results differ from one graphene to another, depending on its quality​; and
  • Exposure level and concentration also play a role in graphene toxicity;

Follow this link to read the full article on the Carbon Waters website.

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