Join the first Hands-On Training Session of the MACRAMÉ Data Shepherding Innovation

The MACRAMÉ Project will provide a first training on its innovative Data Shepherding approach at this year’s NanoSafety Training School 2023, held in Venice, 15. – 19. May 2023.
The Hands-on Session on Instance Mapping Tools for FAIR Data Management’  and the introduction to ‘GO FAIR AdvancedNano IN, WorldFAIR & FAIR Implementation Profiles’ will be provided by MACRAMÉ Project partner Seven Past Nine, and supported by AcumenIST, and the projects MACRAMÉ and the BIO-SUSHY projects.

The MACRAMÉ Data Stewardship process guarantees the safeguarding of all MACRAMÉ (Meta)Data with full provenance trails, and the creation of a first implementation of the concept of ‘Materials as a Service’-concept (MaaS) for the safety & sustainability of AdMa@CMs. Data to be shared include not only data generated by the fully developed method as used in the Use-Cases (WP4) but every produced data point with their specific protocols from early development, calibration and control measurements, thus collecting knowledge about the applicability domain and reliability of the methods, and forming the basis for the (pre-)evaluation of the methods and for evaluation of their applicability in risk assessment, grouping and read-across approaches.

To support this creation and the usage of the method-specific templates covering all aspects (method specifications, SOPs, data), a MACRAMÉ data shepherd will be established. A data shepherd is an enhanced version of a data steward, who not only oversees the data management, handling and quality control processes, but can mediate between parties in need of data management solutions and parties providing them and resolve any misunderstandings (Papadiamantis et al., 2020).

Schematic illustration of the flow- of and value-add to data within the MACRAMÉ Project.

Curation, storage and sharing tools will be selected optimally for the Project and implemented and customised to generate the MACRAMÉ Information Hub as a one-stop interface to access all information, with each data point clearly associated with the life-cycle state of the material, the environment in which it was studied, as well as the method and protocol used to create it. Follow this link to find out more about the NanoSafety Training School 2023.

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