MACRAMÉ Partner Spotlight: BioMS

Gesellschaft für Bioanalytik Münster e.V., also known as BioMS, established in 2000, is a key player in the bioanalytical and life science sectors, especially within the Münster region. BioMS is a collaborative network that brings together companies, academic institutions, and research centers. Its primary mission is to foster robust communication and collaboration across various sectors, including society and politics focusing on the innovative realms of bioanalytics and life science technologies.

The Bioanalytik Muenster Team.

Throughout its history, BioMS has participated in numerous regional and international projects, developing extensive expertise in project management, coordination of complex and multisectoral partner projects, management of different needs and expectations as well as networking and event organization. These experiences have enabled BioMS to take on leading roles in various initiatives such as the European Technology platform Nanomedicine or the German BioRegions. Further information about BioMS can be found at: Welcome to bioanalytik-muenster! – bioanalytik-muenster.

A senior member at BioMS describes their mission simply yet effectively:

“Our vision at BioMS is to foster a community where science, society and industry intersect to advance the life sciences and healthcare sectors.”

This statement reflects BioMS’s commitment to bridging the gap between research and practical application in the life sciences.

Role in the MACRAMÉ Project

BioMS’s role in the MACRAMÉ project is multi-dimensional and crucial for the alignment of the different partners and work packages during project’s running time. The role in MACRAMÉ is centered around integrating scientific and technical strategies with a particular focus on advanced materials into MACRAMÉs objectives and goals. Accordingly, BioMS designs the Research and Innovation (R&I) Strategy, helping to shape the project’s direction and keep track of MACRAMÉ’s goals and ambitions. In line, BioMS is responsible for organizing Use-Case Supervisor meetings, which are essential for aligning the progress made in individual MACRAMÉ Use-Cases with the broader objectives of the MACRAMÉ project. This coordination ensures consistency and streamlines the progress across different aspects of the project, supporting the project coordinator in maintaining a coherent and focused approach. Moreover, BioMS is involved in organizing key events, such as the MACRAMÉ Regulatory Risk Assessors Summits, helping to reach out to relevant stakeholders and initiating a lively discussion to collect feedback from experts and paving the way for regulation of advanced materials in real world products. Additionally, BioMS plays a role in developing ethical guidelines and engaging in the project’s roadmap to foster responsible and effective research practices ensuring that the project’s goals are strategically aligned and ethically pursued. In summary, BioMS’s involvement in the MACRAMÉ project aligns with its broader mission of promoting translation of innovations in the life sciences sector into market.

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