Training on FAIR Data & Model Provision

The MACRAMÉ Project will provide a detaield hands-on training on ‘Fair Data & Model Provision’ as part of this year’s nanoSAFE and NanoSafety Cluster Joint Conference, to be held 5. – 8. June 2023 in Grenoble.

Dr Thomas Exner of MACRAMÉ-Project Partner 7P9 ( and Professor Martin Himly, Paris Lodron Universität Salzburg, will provide practical insight into FAIR Implementation Profiles (also known as FIPs) and the instance mapping tool which helps to depict and design complex experimental workflows and link them to data repositories.

The MACRAMÉ-Project will be introduced by Dr Steffi Friedrichs of AcumenIST.

Follow this link to find out more about nanoSAFE23 and NanoSafety Cluster Joint Conference, or to have a look at the programme overview.

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